Solar. A short presentation on Solar. How it works, what installing solar on your property entails, and all your questions answered.

Attend this FREE presentation, by co-owner and local solar professional Bruce Erickson and members of the Mendocino Solar Service installation and customer service team. Your local friends and neighbors right here on the coast!

Where: The Inglenook Community Center (Formerly known as the Fort Bragg Grange) in Inglenook, after the potluck dinner social.
When 6-7pm

Solar Presentation is FREE and begins at 6pm.
If you wish to attend the potluck dinner with your friendly local neighbors, bring a dish and arrive to enjoy the potluck social from 5-6pm.

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Join us at the Noyo Food Forest’s 13th Annual Earth Day Event Saturday April 20th

Where: The Learning Garden at 300A Dana Street, Fort Bragg
When: 12:30-1:30
Mendocino Solar Service will talk about Solar.

Join us for an informal, informative conversation with co-owner Bruce Erickson and our solar professionals.

Questions about Solar Installation for your home or business? Call 707-937-1701

Thanks and see you at Earth Day!
Stop by our booth at the festival and keep the conversation going; we’ll be there all day/

Locally owned and operated for 25 years! Solar Professionals at Mendocino Solar Service, have installed over 400 systems in Mendocino County. Call us today to see if Solar is right for YOU! “Serving the Solar System” since 1994.

Join us at the Community Center in Mendocino on Saturday March 16th 2019 for a FREE presentation: “Solar. Is it right for your home?”

Great work Jason! Jason’s passion for and experience in solar really comes through! It’s what makes us a family, with our love for what we do, and our enthusiasm for renewable energy. Thanks Jason!

The tax credit amount will go down to 26% for solar PV systems put into service between January 1st of 2020 and December 31st of 2020.

This means that, though you may not slide in under the mark for the 30%, you will still attain your 26% tax credit, as long as your system is put into service in the calendar year of 2020.

After 2020 the tax credit goes down again, so it’s best to act now!
If Solar is right for you, or if you are not sure yet, call our office and speak with John, our office manager at 707-937-1701

Join us at the Noyo Food Forest’s 13th Annual Earth Day Event Saturday April 20th

Where: The Learning Garden at 300A Dana Street, Fort Bragg
When: 12:30-1:30
Mendocino Solar Service will talk about Solar.

Join us for an informal, informative conversation with co-owner Bruce Erickson and our solar professionals.


Reassurance about the effect of potential PG&E bankruptcy on the solar industry. Essentially, all the required functions that make net-metered solar possible are protected under state law from any bankruptcy activity. From the CALSSA (California Solar and Storage Ass’n.; our excellent industry trade organization)

“CALSSA Statement Regarding
PG&E’s Bankruptcy Announcement


This morning PG&E announced its intention to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection by the end of the month. Members have been contacting us with questions about how this development could affect current and future solar and storage projects. There are several potential impacts that we have identified, but broadly speaking, we do not anticipate a significant impact on the solar and storage market in PG&E territory. The programs that affect solar and storage customers operate under state law and CPUC decisions that remain in force regardless of PG&E’s bankruptcy status.

Below we respond to specific questions we’ve received. Of course, all this said, the bankruptcy of the state’s largest utility is no small matter and ultimately will impact all of our advocacy and programmatic work going forward. This development will create both challenges and opportunities for the distributed energy community. We will share more of our thoughts on the bigger context to this bankruptcy news in the days and weeks ahead. 

How will this affect net energy metering or net surplus compensation?
We do not see any potential impact to NEM or NSC for existing or future solar installations. PG&E has an obligation under state law and CPUC decisions to continue calculating customers’ credits under the approved NEM and NSC formulas. Similarly, PG&E is required to continue offering the NEM successor tariff and to make NSC payments to solar customers. PG&E’s bankruptcy status will not affect PG&E’s NEM and NSC commitments under state law.

Could PG&E suspend SGIP incentive payments?
Because the funds used for the incentives and the administration of SGIP are collected by a separate adder on utility bills and the funds are reserved under state law for the purposes of SGIP, we do not foresee any impact on the program. Suspension of the program would not help PG&E cover any of its general debt obligations because PG&E cannot redirect SGIP funds for that use. It is possible that staffing of the program could be affected, which may delay processing of SGIP documentation and incentive payments, but this is entirely speculative.

“Are existing contracts for demand response, renewable energy, and other grid services at risk?
As PG&E explains, under Chapter 11 PG&E will continue to pay all invoices submitted after PG&E files the bankruptcy petition. However, any remaining unpaid debts incurred prior to the filing cannot be paid until the court approves a Reorganization Plan. Since most contracts for energy, capacity, and other grid services are structured with monthly payments, there may be a window between the last paid invoices and any invoices filed before PG&E files its petition with the court that may be at risk of coming under the purview of the bankruptcy process. However, in his statement, Governor Newsom specifically sought to assure the market that energy suppliers will continue to receive payment for their services, stating that “[PG&E] should continue to honor promises made to energy suppliers…”

MSS has supported this scholarship for a few years now, to encourage young people to go into environmental careers. It’s always gratifying to see who the students are each year, and what they’re doing.

Mendocino Coast Environmental Scholarship: Bulletin October 2018

Solar arrays which were installed in the 70’s are still operating at near capacity. No moving parts means nothing to break down. Solar systems require very little maintenance.